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Put our knowledge to work for you.

Experience makes the difference…

Having the right people in place is critical for organizations looking to move ahead in today’s highly competitive environment. At Long’s, we’re dedicated to helping companies enhance their bottom line by providing them with not only people, but the right people.

When you put our knowledge to work, you get the advantage of a company with 70 years of staffing experience in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. You get a team of experts who know all the ins and outs of the area, and who are committed to working in partnership with your organization’s HR department to provide an exceptional and ongoing staffing experience to enhance your company’s greatest asset: your people.

That’s why Long’s is routinely hired by the area’s top performing organizations to find the best of the best. We are a truly committed partner for your human
resources needs.


Professional Placement Services

Finding the very best professionals for your organization
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Temp Staffing Division

For businesses looking for a flexible workforce without the costs in time and effort to manage the plan in-house, we provide temp workers for clerical, industrial, technical, professional, logistics and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Direct Hire

For many companies, the hiring process means a significant investment of time, money and resources.

Instead, let Long’s do it for you. Our experience, knowledge and resources enable us to quickly find the best fit candidate(s) for your company, while you focus on running your business.

Try & Hire

With many candidates ultimately seeking permanent positions, Long’s gives you the option to try out new employees on the job to confirm skills and “fit” before making a full-time commitment. The result is a greatly reduced chance of making a bad hire.

Referral Program

Long’s can seamlessly integrate with your HR department to provide a variety of staffing tools, including payrolling. We cover all payroll costs for candidates you locate, while allowing you to convert them to your payroll at any time.

Skills Testing

Long’s is an industry leader in matching the right people with the right jobs. We have the latest industry-proven testing available to measure and verify skills and experience in a variety of areas, including software and office skills. All of our tests can be accessed from the Internet.

Contract Division

Take the worry and the hassle out of personally hiring contract employees, such as IT professionals, engineers, administrative staff and accountants. Let Long’s hire the candidate you want working for your company, and you save payroll, insurance, labor, and unemployment costs. Plus, you can hire the employee at any time with no additional fees.